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Protac Solutions, energy efficiency programs are designed for utility Management, serving residential areas and commercial centers. The fast Consumption of energy resources and contamination of fresh water resources are major areas of concern, with every need to educate the consumer of gas or electric and water utility management. Protac Solutions utility management System offers an array of exciting energy management solutions that deliver meaningful saving and efficiency.


Energy producing industries globally are under immense pressure. Demand for power is growing immensely and must be met with safety and not beyond Environmental regulations. New upgraded facilities must be brought online which can respond quickly with Minimum Service Interruptions. Companies which are setup on and having Trillions of assets in the field require better Utility Management System to keep their operational and maintenance costs low.


Smart Energy Management System core purpose is to provide the energy people a reliable and sustainable way. In a continuous aspiration to improve Customers Service, Satisfaction levels, Protac Solutions understand the importance of Utility Management Solutions.


Utility Companies will have lot of Advantages using SEMS Application:

  • Plug and Play Application, No special Application required for installation and usage
  • Easy Integration with Companys existing Applications
  • Can offer the application immediately after deployment
  • Most reliable and easy ways to provide data on a real time and batch process
  • Improve Customer satisfaction, efficiency of the firm and reduce, Operating costs
  • Support surveys and analysis to get accurate information in your Business System
  • Increase control over energy utilization and requirement, Improve service delivery

Delivering services to Customers almost Satisfaction Protac Solutions Utility Management System in USA has gained Expertise and knowledge in guiding other utilities to crack full potential and achieve our customers Operational Goal. Protac Solutions has world class solutions and energetic support teams who are experts in tackling toughest challenges in energy and Utility process industries to ensure your success. We have capability to offer you the Best solutions in IT Industry considering current operating and future requirements.


Protac Solutions Utility Management system benefits its users with rich and robust Mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Smart phones, which needs no additional costs and provides 24/7 data access. Services can be delivered in more efficient way through a Mobile as you can connect to your customer any time and at any place, building efficient relationship and enhancing communication. Efficient Power management is enabled by comparing past usage and bills versus current consumption to enhance Industrial efficiency.


Benefits by Protac Solutions Health care Management Application:

  • Precise identification of patient and validation of treatment/ Surgery/ Therapy
  • Discard Human (nurses/Doctors) errors made in Medication, admin, Blood transfusion
  • Reduction of errors in patient billing
  • Maintain Entire Track record of the current treatment of patient, and previous medical record
  • Accurate Specimen Collection, Storage and Identification
  • Keeping a track of Hospital Assets
  • Integrated management system Keeps complete track of Hospital information and Management
  • Improve Quality of care and service, develop relation between Doctor and patient
  • Enhance Operational Efficiencies and control regulating costs
  • Latest Technology Integration

Protac Solutions worked on multiple health care Oriented Projects in USA and has extensive Healthcare domain knowledge and offers entire in-demand services specific to industry. Health Management Service brings about collaboration between doctors and patients which can be accessed online and offline.

Quality Objectives

We shall aim at 100% customer satisfaction by reducing customer complaints to 0%.


We shall pass on benefit accrued by cost effective measures to our valued customers.

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Flexible Methodologies like Waterfall, Agile/XP & RUP


Access to Well-trained & Qualified Professionals


Diverse Technology Skills, all under One Roof

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